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Corporate Recognition

Corporate recognition and awards

"All organizations build their success on good, reliable middle producers, plus a few superstars...

All to often we fail to recognize the backbone of our organization that so heavily contributes to our success. Every individual not only deserves recognition, but requires recognition for both individual accomplishments and teamwork efforts, if he/she is to consistently perform at his/her optimum level.

Employers assume that the employees know they have contributed, but never hand out recognition. Therefore, the employees feel like part of a herd. The paycheque no longer seems enough."

W. Steven Brown, 13 Fatal Errors Managers Make

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Top 5 Reasons to Recognize Employees

Corporate recognition and awards
Years of Service
Above and Beyond Performance
With the exception perhaps of brand new employees who could use some recognition to reinforce mastering the basics of a new job, recognition is deserved when others go “above and beyond”. Consider these examples to help identify what you should recognize:
Extra: when someone spends extra time on a deliverable or project to ensure quality or bring added value. Or when someone takes on extra responsibility to help the team or the project.
Effort: when someone puts forth a level of personal effort beyond what is required or requested.
Exceptional: when someone makes an exceptional contribution, takes on an exceptional assignment, exhibits exceptional behavior that has positive impact or results in a great client experience.
Extraordinary: any out of the ordinary, above and beyond contribution that helped you personally, helped the team, the project, the organization, or the client/customer.
Peer to Peer Recognition
Sales Performance
As you look for these types of recognition opportunities, remember to deliver recognition effectively and try to recognize others consistently for greatest impact.

Did you know??

82% of employees say that recognition or praise they receive at work motivates them to improve their performance

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