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Licensed Supplier

Ansell's Awards & Specialties has served as a licensed distributor / supplier for Optimist International for more than 20 years. We understand the programs of the organization, and the needs of the membership. We offer flexibility and quality in everything we do.

Visit our Optimist product website at

to place your orders today.

Why should I or my club use licensed distributors?

The Optimist International logo is protected by International copyright laws and is only to be used as follows:

Optimist International By-Laws 2013-14
ARTICLE I - SECTION 5. Use of Names, Insignia, and Slogans. The titles “Optimist,” “Optimist International,” or “Optimist Club,” and the slogans “Friend of the Boy” and “Friend of Youth,” the Optimist Creed, and any emblem, seal, insignia or other adopted or registered trademarks or slogans of Optimist International shall not be used for purposes other than those authorized by the Board of Directors.

A licensed Distributor ensures the logo is reproduced correctly on all items supplied, and pays a royalty to the Optimist International organization on a monthly basis. These fees, help to keep the costs to clubs and members lower by offsetting expenses incurred by the Board for operating purposes.

Can I customize any products offered?

Almost everything shown in our catalogue is made / decorated in-house for ultimate flexibility. And of course, since we do all our own engraving, quality is assured with every order. As well as delivery in a timely fashion.

Is shipping expensive?

We do our best to find you the best price for shipping your order. Most packages in Canada are shipped by United Parcel Service for a very reasonable rate, or we can use Canada Post for more remote locations. If you're unsure of the freight cost on your order, simply request freight quote prior to confirming your order and we'll be happy to let you know. There won't be any surprises on your invoice.

Who can order these products?

Anyone who wishes to have items for an event or for themselves is welcome to place an order. Credit accounts will require authorization from the Club or District Executive to be able to invoice the order, but we also accept credit cards if you are unable to invoice your club. Clubs are required to pay within 30 days and must maintain good payment histories in order to be able to invoice items. Clubs / Districts falling into arrears will have their credit capacity revoked. All clubs / districts must provide a current email address for billing purposes.

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